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Memory and Aging Program


The Memory and Aging Program is a group-based psychological intervention designed for older adults experiencing normal age-related changes in memory, or for anyone interested in how memory processes change as we age.  Importantly, this program is not designed for those who may have objective cognitive deficits like mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease).


The program was originally developed by neuropsychologists at Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto. More information on the program is available here.


Program goals:

  • to understand what memory is, how it changes with age, and understand some of the factors that can make your memory better or worse

  • to identify, implement, and practice specific methods and strategies to improve your memory 

  • to feel more confident about your ability to remember everyday things like people's names, where you left your glasses or keys, and things on your to-do list


Course format:

Typically, the Memory and Aging Program is offered in-person via five weekly two-hour sessions, with group sizes ranging between ten and thirty participants. Participants are provided with a workbook to aid learning of course concepts, and to help facilitate cognitive health beyond the course.


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